Crabs & Shrimp of The Great Delta

Chances are that if you’re headed to the New Orleans area, you’re going to eat some seafood. Whether it’s the to-die-for oysters or the amazing crawfish, you’re going to get heaping helpings of some of the freshest and most bountiful seafood on the planet!

While it’s the crawfish boils and oyster adventures that get most of the attention, don’t be fooled—New Orleans is an equally amazing place for crabs and shrimp. Let’s take a quick look:


Louisiana blue crabs are the freshest crabs you can eat in the New Orleans—so fresh, in fact, that they’ll spoil easily if they’re shipped out of the area! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of these crabs to go ‘round—Louisiana hosts the world’s largest blue crab fishery. Check out these critters around the Great Delta while you adventure, or stop by a local seafood establishment to taste one for yourself.


Shrimping is a long-standing tradition on the Great Delta, in New Orleans, and in Louisiana in general—it’s a delicate cultural and economic driver throughout the south. Disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill have damaged sensitive shrimp ecosystems in the past, but the ecosystems and the industry itself are bouncing back—which means a healthier Great Delta and a more delicious seafood tasting experience.

Experience New Orleans Seafood

With the Great Delta Tours, you can experience the history and amazing tastes of crabs and shrimp in the area! Our Coastal Seafood Tour is a day-long excursion that dives into the history of seafood harvesting and its importance to communities across the state, and outlines some of the cultural and environmental problems that have plagued the environment that produces more seafood than any other place on earth.

See the Delta first hand, learn the history of the seafood and the people, and sit down for a mouth-watering seafood meal to boot. Book your spot on this tour today!

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