Frequently Asked Questions

+ What are the best times of the day for your tours?

Tours are customized to meet the needs of our group tours.  Tours generally run between 9 am and 4pm.

+ What time should we arrive for The Great Delta Tours?

We ask that your guests arrive 15 minutes prior to the tour. 

+ What are the best times of year for your tours?

There is no bad time to experience a Great Delta Eco Excursion.    Each of our seasons provides a unique natural beauty and experience of one of the most important river delta systems in the world. There is always something blooming in the wetlands, and every month provides its unique window into the annual cycle of the marsh.  Alligators are most likely to be seen from March through October.   In the heat of summer, the infrequent winter cold snap, or any day with rain, our attractive motor coaches allow stunning views in comfort

+ What will I see on the tour?

Our eco experiences provide a first-hand encounter with the beauty and importance of our Mississippi River Delta wetlands, wildlife, cultures and way of life.  For those who have not experienced New Orleans, our tours enable guests to taste the historic neighborhoods, architectural landmarks, celebrated art and fascinating history of one of the most distinctive and culturally rich cities in America.  Our eco excursions can also take guests to places most visitors or locals rarely go.  Explore beyond the flood-walls to visit with local fishermen to understand their heritage and way of life.  View wildlife like alligators, egrets and brown pelicans in their natural habitat.   Stop to enjoy a delicacy from a local award-winning bakery or enjoy a fresh seafood experience along the bayou. Learn of rich cultures often forgotten and come away with a deeper understanding of what makes our region and people so special.

+ What should I wear?

Dress comfortably.  We recommend closed-toe shoes, but it’s not required.  You may need a rain jacket.  Check the weather forecast for rain and cooler weather especially in November through February.

+ Do I need to bring mosquito spray?

Mosquitos are normally not an issue on our tours.  We will have mosquito spray, just in case.

+ Do you offer hotel pick-up?

Yes.  We can meet your group at a hotel of your choosing.

+ Are your tours wheel-chair accessible?

 Yes.  Please let us know in advance.

+ Can we tip our guide?

Yes.  If you enjoyed your ride, please tip your guide!

+ How many stops are on the tour?

We make 2-3 stops for our tours at points of special interest, on tours that are generally 4-5 hours in duration.

+ Are guides local?

Yes.  Our guides are local, knowledgeable and experienced.  They are friendly, engaging and involved in the community.

+ Are there bathrooms?

Several bathroom stops are available during a tour.

+ Are food and drink available for purchase?

All tours can provide lunch if requested by the client.  Please let us know if any group members have food allergies.   We can also arrange an opportunity to buy food and drink at your own cost.  You may bring food or drink that isn’t in a glass container with you on the tour. 

Ready to Do the Delta?

The Great Delta Tours provides unique, immersive eco tours of the region’s rich, but fragile ecosystem that will ensure, as it is restored, a more resilient environment, economy and communities in south Louisiana. If you’re interested in learning more about the tour, or looking to book a tour, click the icon below, or contact us today at, 888-316-1338 or 504-240-0010.