Our tours connect people to our way of life in a river delta. We are passionate about the natural, cultural and economic importance of the Great Mississippi River. We have studied, taught, worked and lived in the Great Delta for years. We are the best at providing diverse groups of guests with firsthand experiences of the sights and sounds and tastes of the region.

AHA Nola Tour: Architecture, Heritage and Arts

Immerse yourself in the history, architectural splendor and creative energy of one of the most culturally rich and diverse coastal communities in the world. See stunning historic landmarks, sculpture and celebrated art embraced by their unique, natural and historic settings within and around New Orleans.

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Bayou Bienvenue Boat Eco Excursion:

Enjoy a unique eco experience that explores the historic neighborhoods and architectural landmarks of New Orleans on your way to a fun and informative boat excursion that features beautiful wetlands, abundant wildlife, distinctive cultures and one of the largest coastal restoration efforts in the world.

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“Do the Delta” Discovery Tour:

Go beyond the floodwalls where visitors rarely go. Visit working fishing communities, meet the locals, see wildlife in their natural habitat, and enjoy a lunch featuring delicious local cuisine. Understand how coastal communities are adapting to sea level rise.

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Environmental Stewardship Opportunities:

A community is as strong as the engagement of its key stakeholders in building a safe, healthy and vibrant place to live. We are committed to connecting the support of corporate, education, neighborhood and tourism groups with the many existing volunteer opportunities available that result in a more resilient and sustainable region.

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