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New Orleans Group Tours

Our group tours are sought after because our local experts and friendly, experienced guides, focus on things like meeting with a 5th generation local oysterman, going beyond the floodwalls to visit fascinating coastal communities, meeting with a local artist in their studio to learn of their craft and inspiration and/or enjoying fresh, local seafood and local culinary specialties. On our tours you’ll learn more about nature, people, art, heritage and a resilient spirit in coastal New Orleans found nowhere else in the world.

The Great Delta Tours provides fresh and unforgettable tours for groups of six or more people in New Orleans and its coastal communities by land or water. Be energized by one of the great river environments in the world along the great Mississippi. See wildlife in their natural habitat, learn of diverse cultures and explore systems of flood protection and coastal restoration that are building a more resilient and prosperous region. Go beyond the floodwalls to experience our way of life that most visitors don’t get to experience.


More Information:

The Great Delta Tours is a one-stop for groups of six or more guests providing personalized tours and itineraries tailored to your interests and preferences. Our experienced team eliminates the hassle and handles all of the planning, logistics and transportation to craft a memorable and impactful experience. Our local guides are engaging, knowledgeable and experienced.


Special group rates are offered based on project specifics:

  • Starting at a minimum of $1500 for a group of 6
  • Ask us about special group rates!

Duration: 4 to 5 hours on average

Pick-Up Location: Premium transportation provided. Groups will be picked up at their accommodations or an arranged meeting location

For more information about our VIP private group tours and rates, please contact The Great Delta Tours at: (504) 240-0010 | (888) 316-1338