Environmental Stewardship Opportunities:

A community is as strong as the engagement of its key stakeholders in building a safe, healthy and vibrant place to live. The Great Delta Tours is committed to help connect the support of corporate, education, neighborhood and tourism groups with the many existing volunteer opportunities available that result in a more resilient and sustainable region.

The Great Delta Tours partners with numerous environmental and community groups to offer unique, meaningful and impactful environmental stewardship experiences in the region. These organizations are listed on our Friends and Partners page for your information. Please contact The Great Delta Tours today to discuss your interests in an environmental stewardship project for your organization to build a more resilient and prosperous coastal region.



Our partner organizations offer volunteer opportunities that can last from 3 hours to an all-day (6-8 hr) volunteer experience. If you are interested in planting wetlands grasses or trees, please be aware that this type of activity takes place during planting season from March to November of each year.

Equipment and Supplies Provided

Gloves, shovels and rakes will be provided for the project if needed.

What should volunteers bring

Volunteers are asked to bring their suntan lotion, mosquito spray, hat and refillable water bottle to reduce plastic waste. Please check the weather for rain and cooler temperatures requiring a rain/coat in November- February.


Please come prepared with clothing that can get wet and dirty and a change of clothing and shoes for your drive home. Closed-toe shoes are required. Old sneakers will work just fine since your feet are likely to get wet regardless, but if you have rubber boots please bring them.

Physical condition of participants

If volunteers are going to do tree or wetlands plantings, they will need to be able to lift 40-50 lbs and be agile to do the work.


  • A cooler of water will be provided from which volunteers can refill their water bottles
  • Snacks, like fresh fruit and granola bars, will be provided for the volunteers
  • Lunch can be provided for a ½ day or all day stewardship experience

Menu of Environmental Stewardship Opportunities

  • Planting of Trees and/or marsh grass (full Day)
  • Preparation of planting areas for trees and marsh grass prior to plantings (½ day)
  • Work in wetlands to remove or adjust tree guards (half to full day)
  • Planting of seedlings, repotting plants, watering plants, organizing plants in plant nurseries all year)
  • Marsh clean up in wetlands parks and trails including pick up of litter; adjustment of tree guards; removal of invasive plant species (half day)
  • Oyster shell recycling and bagging (full day)
  • Construction of green infrastructure and facility improvements in local parks including the building of community gardens, maintenance of walking trails and litter abatement that reduces flooding, expands environmental education and enhances recreational opportunities in the area
  • Planting of LA Irises in parks, wildlife refuges and on trails
  • Please note that the minimum age is 16 years old

Please contact The Great Delta Tours today at 888-316-1338, 504-240-0010 or info@thegreatdeltatours.com to organize a community service project that offers an unforgettable team-building experience and makes a positive impact in coastal New Orleans.