“Do the Delta” Discovery Tour:

Fishing Villages, Scenic Bayous and Cultural Wonders in Coastal New Orleans.

Enjoy a memorable, first-hand experience of our way of life here in coastal New Orleans. We offer unforgettable adventures that connect people to the wonders of our river delta wetlands, wildlife and cultures. Go beyond the floodwalls to visit places, people and history that visitors and locals rarely get to experience. 


French Quarter:

Travel through the original colonial city of La Nouvelle Orleans to understand the factors that influenced and shaped the city’s placement, footprint and expansion from a backwater, swampy outpost to one of the most distinctive and important cities in America.

Fishing Villages and Unique Cultures:

Go beyond the floodwalls to visit local fisherman to learn of their rich Spanish heritage, to  see wildlife in their natural habitat  and to enjoy local seafood right off the docks.

Coastal Resilience and Climate Adaptation:

Immerse yourself in the beauty and richness of the largest  wetlands in the continental U.S; See ghost forests created by coastal land loss; view formidable new levees, pumps and floodwalls that represent the largest climate adaptation project in the world.

More Information:

Enjoy a fresh, inspiring experience with The Great Delta Tours of historic New Orleans and its surrounding coastal communities. Gain an understanding of how the Mississippi River has shaped one of the most important delta ecologies, cultures and economies in America. Visit with locals who proudly share their distinctive way of life and work beyond the floodwalls. Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the most expansive wetlands in the continental U.S.                                    

Experience “living history” with The Great Delta Tours as you travel through the original colonial city of La Nouvelle Orleans (French Quarter) to understand the remarkable factors that influenced the city’s colonial placement, footprint, expansion into surrounding cypress swamps, and ultimately its flooding during Hurricane Katrina. 

Visit City Park, a crown jewel of New Orleans, where nature and art are celebrated in a special way among the largest stand of mature live oak trees in the world. Nearby, visit where the levees broke and understand why and what is being done to ensure a safer, more resilient coastal community, as sea levels rise.

Go beyond the “Floodwalls” to explore the quaint Islenos fishing villages of Yscloskey and Shell Beach where America’s seafood has been harvested for centuries by local fishermen living in stilt houses. Enjoy lunch with The Great Delta Tours of delicious local cuisine from the James Beard award-winning Dong Phuong Bakery or on the historic Bayou la Loutre prepared by a local fisherman who shares his Spanish heritage and way of life.   

Watch wading birds stalked by alligators along one of the great flyways of the world. See ghost forests created by coastal land loss, and witness the landscape changes that are exposing coastal inhabitants to increasing storm risks. 

See the formidable solutions and systems of new levees, pumps, floodwalls, coastal restoration and water management practices considered to be the largest climate adaptation project in the world.


  • $250 per person
  • Minimum of 6 guests
  • Please contact us for special group rates 
  • Picnic lunch provided at your cost (avg. price: $10-$14)
  • Motorcoach transportation,  local cuisine experience,  engaging and knowledgeable guides

Duration: 5 hours (9 am to 2 pm)

Pick-Up Location: Guests will be picked up and dropped off by premium motor coach at their accommodations or central location in New Orleans downtown

For more information about our VIP private group tours and rates, please contact The Great Delta Tours at: (504) 240-0010 | (888) 316-1338