Corporate Tours & Team-Building


Let the Great Delta Tours serve as you personal concierge in creating fresh and meaningful VIP corporate experiences. See New Orleans in a totally different and unforgettable way. Immerse your team in one of the most important natural environments in the world. Be energized by excursions that go to places many have not experienced; enjoy team-building opportunities that help to refresh, refocus and reconnect participants; and/or champion an environmental stewardship project that builds a more resilient community and lasting legacy in New Orleans.



Enjoy a fresh, inspiring corporate team excursion with The Great Delta Tours that explores the beauty and importance of our natural environment in coastal New Orleans. Visit a local oysterman to understand the challenges of living beyond the floodwalls, see alligators and brown pelicans in their natural habitat and explore systems of flood protection and coastal restoration that are building a more resilient and prosperous New Orleans region. These first-hand experiences provide the opportunity for your team to learn from one another, to build relationships and to reenergize around your core mission, values and “why” for what you do. Go to to view all of our tour experiences.


Focus on the strengths of your team through shared, interactive experiences facilitated by dynamic and engaging local and national experts. Utilize innovative team-building tools that facilitate better team alignment of abilities, communications and understanding of each other. The Great Delta Tours is an effective creator of team-building experiences that take place in unique and natural settings from memorable urban spaces to quaint coastal villages. Events and experiences will be customized to meet your companies’ goals, objectives and budget.


The Great Delta Tours is committed to help connect corporations with the many existing volunteer opportunities available in the New Orleans area that build a more resilient and prosperous New Orleans region. Let The Great Delta Tours utilize its connections and expertise to work with you to organize a nature-based, volunteer project that preserves and protects both the environment and economy of south Louisiana. Projects can range from litter abatement, trail maintenance and marsh grass/ tree plantings, to construction of park boardwalks and benches. Go to “Environmental Stewardship Experiences” with The Great Delta Tours at

More Information:

The Great Delta Tours is a one-stop shop for fresh and unforgettable corporate tours, team-building and environmental stewardship experiences in one of the most celebrated communities in the world. Known for its food, music and architecture, New Orleans is also a stunning backdrop of natural beauty, wildlife and cultures all shaped by the great Mississippi River.

Let us help you step out of your conference room to unlock the full potential of your team as you experience the richness and importance of one of the largest river delta environments in the world. Immerse yourself in an enjoyable and inspiring one-of-a-kind experience of nature with colleagues that also allows participants to gain new insights of themselves, each other and in making a difference in your organization and the world.

From small groups of 10 to large conference groups of over 200, we coordinate the planning, logistics, transportation and expertise to craft a memorable and impactful experience for your organization. Our guides, facilitators and team-building experts are engaging, knowledgeable and experienced.


Special group rates are offered based on project specifics:

  • Starting at $1500 for the group
  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • Premium transportation, engaging and knowledgeable guides, and snacks are provided. Lunch is optional

Duration: Average time commitment is a half-day (4 hrs); full-day experiences available.

Pick-Up Location: Groups will be picked up at your corporate hotel or headquarters in New Orleans.

For more information about our VIP private group tours and rates, please contact The Great Delta Tours at: (504) 240-0010 | (888) 316-1338