Tour to Table! Announcing a Partnership with Cafe Sbisa

Imagine: Going out on an exploration of the Great Mississippi Delta. Way out, past the flood walls in South Louisiana, you visit the docks where the world’s greatest seafood is caught and harvested each day. You get to meet the people who “live the lifestyle” – the fishermen, the crabbers, the ones who have lived off the water for generations. There, you get an up close view and you can ask as many questions as you like.

Now imagine: Finishing up your tour and visiting a place famous for its dishes made directly from that seafood. You try the turtle soup, and it’s to die for. You get some Louisiana soft shell crabs and eat them all! You’re full, but you just have to try the BBQ Shrimp – and you’re glad that you did.

Through our new partnership with Cafe Sbisa, this dream is now a reality. We have worked hard to create a truly authentic “tour to table” Louisiana experience, something at the heart of our culture from start to finish.

cafe sbisa new orleans

To explore this immersive venture out, just book a tour with us! When we pick you up, we’ll give you a special discount card for 20% off all dining of $75 or more at the legendary Cafe Sbisa, located right in the New Orleans French Quarter.

Looking forward to sharing this experience and to illustrating just how important – and tasty – Louisiana seafood is with the world!

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