The Turtle Cove Research Center

Discover Turtle Cove!  Turtle Cove Research Center is an invaluable environmental resource to the Greater New Orleans Region.  The Center is led by Dr. Robert Moreau, a gifted educator, researcher and environmentalist.  Located on the historic Manchac Pass, a natural pass that connects Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas, the main function of the research center, operated by Southeastern Louisiana University, is to facilitate a better understanding of the surrounding wetlands through research, education and outreach.  The center collaborates with area schools and universities to further research and share knowledge of the wetlands.

What makes the research center exciting and unique is that it is only accessible by water!  Scheduled guests or groups drive to the classrooms where they are provided with a field training program which includes lecture and hands-on training for a variety of wetland studies.  The introductory session is followed by a trip on a pontoon boat to the Turtle Cove Research Center and wetlands board walk.  Field trips are also provided for K-12 students that include a small lecture and boat ride.  Turtle Cove Research Center is an excellent, interactive experience that fosters an in depth understanding of the surrounding habitat, wildlife, and the future of the wetlands.

All students, volunteers, community members, researchers, or educators are welcome to schedule a visit to the research center whether it is to explore or begin a new research project.  If you would like to help Turtle Cove continue its inspiring work feel free to donate through SELU Foundation.  Help the Turtle Cove team to ensure our wetlands stay strong, healthy, and beautiful.



SELU Turtle Cove Research Center

Turtle Cove Visitors Guide

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