New Orleans Tours For School Groups

The Great Mississippi River Delta is an eye-opening place. Whether you want to have a first-hand experience with its ecology, history, rich food sources, or diverse cultures, the Delta has something for everyone to see.

But it also provides visitors with some form of a learning experience. Tourists and locals alike will learn a great deal about the ecosystems surrounding New Orleans and how people, animals, and the environment interact with one another, and have a greater appreciation for what they’re seeing.

That’s why The Great Delta Tours started educational tours for school groups. What better way is there to learn scientific, university-level course content than to apply that content to the real world?  

New Orleans Tours for School Groups

Higher education institutions and their students can benefit greatly from The Great Delta Tours. Applications for these tours include:

  • Mobile workshop classes (water management courses, ecology, environmental management, biology, sciences)
  • Colleges, junior colleges, postgraduate studies
  • Fall break trips with universities

As an exciting and hands-on academic experience, students at all levels will be engaged and immersed in New Orleans history and ecology, and make crucial connections to their course content.

Benefits of Educational Tours

There are a number of benefits that students can take away from our educational tours:

  • Hands-on Experiences – Students can learn about their subject matter by seeing real-life scientific and environmental examples of what’s covered in the textbook.
  • Relevance – Students don’t just get scientific and historical knowledge on these tours—they get knowledge that pertains to today’s world.
  • Learning Adventures – Students get out of the traditional classroom to see and learn about the world around them!

Why Choose The Great Delta Tours?

You can learn about the Great Mississippi River Delta and the New Orleans area from just about anywhere—but that knowledge won’t be impactful until you experience it for yourself. School group tours through The Great Delta Tours offers excellent academic experiences for students led by experienced and knowledgeable tour guides—so your students can learn more in their discipline and in the real world. Call for group pricing today!

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