The Delicate Balance of Enjoying Nature

nathan-anderson-182532The Great Delta Tours give you the best in New Orleans ecotourism, allowing you to discover one of the richest, lushest, and most diverse ecosystems in the country. Exploring down in the Delta can be an amazing experience—one full of complex culture, amazing wildlife, and jaw-dropping beauty.

But what is the true interaction between eager adventurers and the Great Mississippi River Delta? In this blog, we’ll discover how difficult it can be to strike a balance between enjoyment and preservation of nature, and explore ways we can preserve this beautiful ecosystem that has so many ties to the culture of New Orleans and the south.

On one hand, ecotourists deserve to experience the beauty and majesty of nature. For the most complete and enjoyable human experience, as well as a better understanding of different cultures and ecosystems around the world, people need to immerse themselves in nature. Adventures in untouched nature are enlightening, refreshing, and educational. Remember when your parents took you on a vacation through Yellowstone National Park as a kid, or when you drove up the Central California coast for the first time? These experiences broaden your view of the world, and make you more appreciative (and protective) of nature.

On the other hand, ecotourists and ecotourism companies are responsible for protecting and preserving nature. The natural world is very delicate—it’s extremely important for people who are experiencing nature to treat it with respect, keep it clean, and avoid disrupting its natural processes.

Unfortunately, these two ideas contradict each other. By experiencing nature, we are inherently soiling and damaging it, which can be hard for nature lovers and environmentalists to come to terms with. So how do we preserve the great natural wonders of our world without missing out on all these wonders have to offer?

The key is to observe nature without interacting with it—to avoid putting a human imprint on the natural world around us. Every time you feed a gator a marshmallow, pick a wildflower, or rip a branch off a tree to start a campfire, you’re doing damage to the ecosystem around you and changing the course of nature. That damage grows exponentially when you realize that hundreds, if not thousands of people have the potential to cause damage, too. Ultimately, it takes a better understanding of the ecosystem around you and a great deal of diligence to enjoy the ecosystem and protect it at the same time.

That’s what The Great Delta Tours are all about. The natural swampland ecosystem of the Great Mississippi River Delta is filled with history, diversity, and natural beauty; it’s one of the most bountiful and unique landscapes in the country. At The Great Delta Tours, we adventure deep into these treasured swamplands, giving you a one-of-a-kind nature experience while educating you on the history and biodiversity of the area—all while making sure we leave no trace of our presence along the way. Book your journey through the heartland of the south today—your adventure awaits.


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