Air Pollution: What Can We Do To Help?

New Orleanians have a deep love for their city.  With that love comes a healthy respect for more than just the culture.  We work to improve our city and state with environmental clean ups and restoration programs.  Yet air quality has always been a more intangible issue for U.S cities.  We struggle to reverse the effects of our everyday habits.  The two main pollutants are ambient zone and fine particulate matter. article by Jed Lipinski explains that these two pollutants can increase the risk for non-fatal heart attacks, bronchitis, and can cause cardiac and respiratory problems. The great news to follow the frightening effects of air pollution, is that New Orleans is ranked one of the cleanest cities.   According to an article by, as of 2018 Louisiana has successfully improved its air quality from last year.  Now we just have to keep up the good work!

Here are a few things you can do to help your city:

  • Turn off and/or unplug lights computers, appliances.
  • Use energy efficient bulbs
  • Limit driving and idling of your car. Carpool, ride a bike, take the bus.
  • Choose environmentally friendly household cleaners
  • Use natural gas instead of coal
  • Use solar energy
  • Avoid using plastic bags
  • Use less paper products
  • Use surge protectors

For many more suggestions check out, Conserve energy.  If we each do our part we can make a significant difference.



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